Life Time Member - Carl Gohm Picture of Carl Gohm
Carl Gohm has been in the Bay Area Association of the Michigan Plumbing and Mechanical Contractors since 1950. He started in business as an apprentice serving under his father in 1946 and became an owner of Gohm Plumbing and Heating in 1954. Carl spent two years in the Navy. His advice to apprentices today would be to learn to weld. Welding is much more important than when Carl began his career. Carl retired in 1990 and has continued to be an active member of the Bay Area Association where he is active in Political Affairs. He received his journeyman license in 1950 and became a Master Plumber soon after. He held a city license and a heating license during his tenure in business. Carl, a people person recalls that, "Joining the family business gave him a great deal of satisfaction in doing a good job and helping people."

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Life Time Member - Dick Katz Picture of Dick Katz
On May 14, 2009 the Bay Area Association of the Michigan Plumbing and Mechanical Contractors honored three of its lifetime members. Dick Katz has been in the BAA for over 51 years, joining his father in 1958 as a member. He chose the Plumber/Fitter profession as a result of his father and uncle being in the business. Dick’s apprenticeship was served with Abbott Plumbing in Saginaw, a non-union shop that joined the union in 1954. He became a partner with Bob Remer Sr. in Remer Plumbing, Heating and A.C., in Saginaw, in 1957 where the Remer family continues to conduct business as the Residential Plumbing, Heating and A.C. partner and Katz’s Family as the Commercial partner. Dick serves as President of the company. Mark, Dick’s son, is a Vice President as are Bob Remer’s sons, Robert, and David Remer. Dick became a Journeyman in 1955, and a Master Plumber in 1973. He holds a Mechanical License and a Boiler Installer License. Dick served on the State Plumbing Board for 3 years and the State Mechanical Board for 3 years. He held various officer and committee positions in the BAA serving as its President from 1975 to 1981. As a leader in the Industry, Dick has been an Officer in the MPMCA where Dick has served on the Board of Directors, and in the positions of Secretary, Vice President, Senior Vice President, President and Treasurer covering a span of over 25 years. His many community activities and charities make him a recognized leader in the community. Eager to give apprentices an opportunity Dick always has employed several. He would like to see all apprentices appreciate the education they receive as an apprentice, and work hard to learn the needs of the industry. It is obvious when you meet Dick that he is a champion for the Plumbing/Fitter industry. Dick stated "The Industry has been very good to me. I have met many very fine people and have been fortunate to have good and loyal employees".

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Life Time Member - Richard Richter Picture of Richard 'Hal' Richter
Richard "Hal" Richter has been a member of the Bay Area Association for 58 years joining in 1951. His choice of profession came by way of his Father in Law who owned Kaczwara Plumbing and Heating since 1929. Hal began his apprenticeship with Local 85 in 1950 and never looked back. He became a Journeymen Plumber in 1955 and a Master Plumber in 1962. Prior to being a plumber Hal worked for a surveying company in Saginaw. Retiring in 1990, Hal continues to attend and support the work of the Bay Area Association. His advice to new apprentices would be to "keep a nice clean record". He enjoys keeping up with the current trends. Hal loved the work of being a plumber because, he said, "I felt like I accomplished things for people".

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Life Time Member - Gerald Jehnsen Picture of Gerald 'Jerry' Jehnsen
Gerald (Jerry) Jehnsen was honored as a lifetime member of the Bay Area Association of the MPMC Inc. in June 2010. Jerry has been a member for 17 years during the time he was in the Bay City area. Jerry has spent hundreds of hours serving as trustee on several funds with Local 85. He currently is an Apprenticeship Trustee and is an Instructor for the Foreman's Training Program. Jerry received recognition for his dedicated service to the organization. He is proud to be a member of the Bay Area Association and plans to continue to be involved in the activities of the organization.

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